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Increase Yields up to 7.92%!   Before your next growing season, make sure you upgrade your center or linear pivots to Idem's Omni-directional "BALL" spray head technology.  Includes the drop & Idem spray head, pressure regulator & shutoff valve.  Idem makes it extremely easy for farmers/growers to convert from your old inefficient spray head technology to  its new "patent-pending" efficient design that saves you water, fertilizer, herbicide, pesticides, and time.  The Idem spray head technology achieves this using a more direct application technology.  This Idem 32" drop includes everything you need to convert your pivots and experience more efficiency, fewer crop stress days, and better yield.   Idem equipped pivots can pay for the upgrade in 1-2 growing seasons!

IDEM BALL 32" Drop Extension Assembly with Pressure Regulator & Shutoff Valve

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