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IDEM Irrigation Incentives by State:

IDEM Irrigation recognizes the importance of easing the initial cost of adopting water conservation technologies for growers. It aids them in navigating through incentive programs offered at local, state, and national levels to significantly offset implementation expenses. These incentives might include cost share, grants, rebates, tax credits, or low-interest loan programs designed specifically for water conservation and sustainable agriculture.  By harnessing these opportunities, IDEM makes its water-saving irrigation systems financially accessible and economically beneficial for all farmers, fostering wider adoption and thus a more sustainable agricultural landscape.

As a general rule whether you are "grower" using our products, or a "distributor" of IDEM Irrigation products, we recommend contacting your state Department of Natural Resources (Water Conservation) to inquire about programs and grants to help conserve water or reduce chemical/fertilizer loss due to wind drift or run off.    These programs can significantly offset a large portion of initial costs to convert your pivots to IDEM "Ball" spray head technology. 


1. Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Cost-Share Program (NSWCP).  Cost share each year up to 50% or $5000 for purchases of IDEM equipment.  Contact your local Natural Resource District (NRD).  Application can be downloaded here:  Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Program Application.

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