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What Motivates Us!

Agriculture, in particular fertigation and chemigation applications on row crops, is destroying our waterways and oceans. 50% for the nitrogen applied in large agricultural settings ends up washing off or blowing off course, and seeping into the Mississippi. Our patent pending pivot "BALL" sprinkler head application system, processes, and attachments will limit chemigation/fertigation to a more precise amount per acre. We have seen as much as 1/3 of the chemical is being applied resulting in almost parallel results and yields. You factor in the IDEM Irrigation "BALL" sprinkler head application results with the cost saving to growers, an already overused crop-dusting industry, pilot hour shortages resulting in tens of thousands of acres needing application during a pest infestation, and an opportunity to limit overuse of chemicals in agriculture, our water, and our food...we introduce to you a revolution in irrigation by IDEM Irrigation!

Precision application of water, fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide is not only a growing need, but a necessity. By completely preventing drift, applying a more uniform mixing process to each individual spraying head, and by significantly reducing nitrogen overuse, we can make a difference in an industry that is technologically behind and outdated. With our patent pending "BALL" spray head technology, coupled with the 90% saving in application costs ($11 acre for aerial spraying/ $1 acre with our technology). 


***IDEM Irrigation sprinkler head technology offers the flexibility of “plug-n-play" attachments that can be retrofitted to any existing pivot manufacturer.  IDEM Irrigation and responsible growers can bring the world of pivot irrigation to the 21st century!

IDEM Irrigation Data PDF
IDEM Irrigation Flow Rate Sheet
Idem Center Pivot Saving Water
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