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IDEM: Top 6 products at Husker Harvest Days

Not your dad’s nozzle

Latzke came across a new type of irrigation nozzle. Idem Irrigation, Gering, Neb., offers farmers a new way to pivot-irrigate, with the Idem Ball Sprinkler Head.

This unique approach to nozzles is in the shape of a ball, with a different combination of holes that can be adjusted depending on your soil type and your watering needs. It’s ideal for low-water irrigation situations, where farmers need to do more with less, and retrofits to any brand of sprinkler. And, because the water doesn’t stand stagnant in the ball, there is less chance of collecting hard water deposits.

NEW ROUND NOZZLE: It doesn’t look like any other irrigation nozzle on the market, but the Idem Ball Sprinkler Head lived up to its namesake and literally turned some heads at Husker Harvest Days.


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