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Precision Application of water/fertilizer/herbicide/pesticide 

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Idem spray heads provide up to a 7.92% increase in your yield

*Innovative Patent-Pending Sprinkler Technology,
=Significant $$$ savings for farming operations
50% Less Nitrogen, 90% Cost Savings

*Adapts to your existing pivots

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Through our highly innovative and patent pending pivot sprinkler head technology, we provide "SMART" and affordable options for ALL growers.  The outcomes help our growers reduce water/herbicide/pesticide usage, protect the planet, and feed the world responsibly.   

Farming Irrigation

Increased Soil Moisture %,  Deeper Root Growth,  Reduce Crop Stress Days
using the new IDEM Irrigation pivot sprinkler heads

Idem Irrigation is currently in final stages with numerous tests conducted by the University of Nebraska Panhandle Research and Extension Center.  We are in partnership with FMC Corporation to assist in production and marketing. 

Precision application of water, fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide is not only a growing need, but a necessity. By completely preventing drift, applying a more uniform mixing process to each individual spraying head, and by significantly reducing nitrogen overuse, we can make a difference in an industry that is technologically behind and outdated.


(See the effects water loss due to drift)

The videos clearly show the significant improvement in water drift and evaporation using the Idem Irrigation spray head technology compared to traditional spray heads.  The results are clear!  Save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, fertilizer, herbicides & pesticides with Idem.  

"With our patent-pending IDEM Irrigation pivot sprinkler head technology and application processes, we are positioned to acquire 3% of the global irrigation industry resulting in approximately $2.5 billion in annual revenue."   Get your Pre-order in or call for investor information. 

Idem Sprinklers 
outperform the competition and can save you money!

Your irrigation system will use fewer resources during the growing season while equaling or outperforming other sprinklers. 

Taking Pre-Orders Now! 

Idem Products are Fully Adaptable to Your Pivot!

We have innovative and effective pivot sprinkler head technology (patent pending) and a (process patent) on how the Idem SMART Pivot applies a variety of chemical and hydration options.  Idem easily adapts to your existing pivot system, thus creating an entirely new and multi-functional pivot system which will reduce nitrogen and resource waste.

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